About Us

We are an independent surgery practice located within the Veterinary Emergency Center of Canton, Connecticut. Our mission is simple – do what is best for both the pet and the owner. We strive to achieve the most successful possible outcome for all of our patients. We use the most advanced surgical techniques in the area and provide the compassion you expect for your pet. After all, we're pet owners too and fully understand what it means to want the very best care for your pet!

Why Choose Us

What is Board Certification

Just as in human healthcare, veterinary care also has board certifications for professionals. There are oncologists, dermatologists, internal medicine specialists, and board-certified surgeons among others.  Board certification indicates that the individual has completed significantly longer and more rigorous training in the respective field.  Often, it helps the doctor become much more specialized and comfortable in his/her own specialty.  This then translates to better outcomes and increased client comfort.  There is a relatively low number of board certified small animal surgeons in the United States.  We encourage you to read more at acvs.org

Why Leshem Veterinary Surgery

I have worked many years in the university and in the large referral hospital setting. Over time, I learned that I would like to continue providing referral surgical consultations and advanced surgical procedures but in a smaller more intimate environment. This is one of the key ingredients to our success. Being smaller and privately owned allows us to do everything we can to serve you. What does serving you mean? It means we try our hardest to tailor our approach and treatment plans that best fit your needs, philosophies and budget. Not all pets are the same and along those lines, not all pet owners are the same. Yes, veterinary surgery is about the pets, but it is also very clearly about the people as well.


Teamwork and communication are at the core of our philosophies. Ensuring a down to earth environment with empathy and compassion is equally compelling. We try to ensure that the client is clear and understanding with respect to treatment plans/options, expected outcomes, possible complications and costs. These principals are key to move forward together toward a successful outcome. We too are pet owners. We aspire to make recommendations based on what is best for the pet and the owner.

What our clients say

I am a local veterinarian who has known Dr. Leshem for decades. Dr. Leshem is one of the most talented surgeons I have worked with. I never worry when my patients are in his care, he is an awesome veterinarian with years of experience.

L. Montresor


We had an excellent experience with Dr. Leshem for our dog’s surgical needs. He was kind and compassionate with us and our new puppy. He called us after surgery to let us know that everything went well. When he found something unexpected in our dog, he took the time to explain it to us and then gave us information on whom to use for follow up. He checked on our dog after he was sent home which gave us complete peace of mind. We highly recommend Dr. Leshem!


I am thankful for Dr. Leshem’s expertise in surgery, his love and caring for animals, his patience and explaining to me what was involved and what to expect before and after my dogs operation. He helped my dog walk again with full use of his rear leg. You would never know he had surgery on his leg. Of course there was therapy afterwards and I did every thing that I was instructed to do, which is a very important part of recovery. Dr. Leshem also did many follow ups to oversee that my dog was progressing and healing within the time frame. I am grateful that he was there when we needed him. He is a fabulous surgeon and I would trust him with any one of my dogs. I highly recommend Dr. Leshem and his staff to anyone who would require his services.

Laurie Ann

When we discovered that Remy would need to have surgery to repair his ACL, we were worried about so many things – Would he be ok under anesthesia? Would he be in pain? Would the recovery be awful? As soon as we met Dr. Leshem, our worries quickly began to dissolve. His bedside manner not only with Remy, but with us, made us feel immediately at ease. He clearly had Remy’s best interests as his number one priority. He explained everything to us, in detail, from start to finish, and even gave us his cell phone number, in case we had questions or concerns during his recovery! Now that Remy has made a full recovery from his surgery, we hope he won’t ever need another…but if he does, we know who we’ll call! Thank you, Dr. Leshem!