Rowdy’s Revival


We recently met Rowdy – a beautiful and sweet Golden Retriever.

Rowdy’s owners recently found a firm mass or tumor on his chest. His veterinarian performed some tests including bloodwork, x-rays and a surgical biopsy. The pathology report of the biopsy came back as a fibrosarcoma. This is an invasive type of soft tissue sarcoma or cancer. We presented Rowdy’s owners with a number of further treatment options. Ultimately, they made an educated decision to choose surgery and immunotherapy using Vetivax technology from Torigen pharmaceuticals who we are partnered with. Rowdy underwent an aggressive surgery to remove the tumor and much of his right pectoral or chest muscles. He did well in surgery and anesthesia and went home the following day. The excised tissues were sent to UConn for processing. The lab then went on process the tissues and prepare a specific tumor vaccine to be administered to fight of any remaining cancer cells. We are optimistic for a successful and cost-effective cancer cure for him and of course his family.