Anesthesia is an integral part of any surgical practice.

General anesthesia is of utmost importance to the staff of Leshem Veterinary Surgery and the Veterinary Emergency Center.  We understand that there is always an inherent risk when anesthetizing a living being. Some patients are more critical than others. Every individual deserves our devoted 100% attention though. Dr. Leshem has extensive training in anesthesia and pain management in addition to his extensive training in small animal surgery.  He has in fact lectured at continuing education seminars for other veterinarians on these exact topics

We strongly believe in using the most current and sound technologies including the use of a ventilator.  We also firmly believe in using a mulitimodal approach by adding in locals as often as feasible and thereby reducing the amount of inhalant anesthesia consumed by the patient. We offer a variety of sedation protocols as well when full anesthesia is not indicated. Ultimately our goal is to complete our task while minimizing risk and stress to the patient.